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It represents a new way of looking at cities, of merging urban issues with social research to form a bridge between the needs of local residents and administrators. We focus on transforming the city's pedestrian paths, or urban connections, taking simple steps to create a new sense of harmony and contextualization. It is a work of urban regeneration that takes into account the identity of both the place and the people who live there, while addressing the growing need for environmental sustainability. It represents a new way of thinking about cities, through vision and action.
The Green Paths actively promotes 'beauty', both perceptual and functional.
Our MISSION : to make cities safer and more accessible to all, to ensure they receive greater care and appreciation, to value the role that children play in our city's future by prioritising their education and wellbeing.
The Green Paths; devised, planned and developed entirely by "The Green Paths" Association, is a tool for public administrations who wish to improve the daily lives of residents and those simply visiting. The project has been devised in such a way that it can be applied to any city or town in the world, taking on the unique characteristics of the place in which it is used. By definition, we are a non-political organisation.
Every right idea, the work, the intervention methods, the method and the images is confidential and copyrighted.
Architect Barbara d'Urso: founder and creator of "THE GREEN PATHS, THE CITY 'IN YOUR HANDS ©" general manager and co-ordinator;
Educator Nicoletta Salamone: responsible SOCIAL RESEARCH, founder and creator of "NOTEBOOKS © SCOUT" as a crucial tool of qualitative research;
Architect Happy Skin: responsible technical-executive area.
THE GREEN PATHS - The city in your hands - is a TRADEMARK and copyrighted.
We had the honor to be translated and interpreted in the English language by Dr. Benjamin James Corcoran.
"Nevertheless there is architecture.
An admirable thing, the most beautiful.
The product of happy peoples and what happy peoples produce.
Happy cities have architecture...
...cities are individuals who take on a soul,
who feel, suffer, and admire."
Le Corbusier

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