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The paths are enriched by the work of local artists, whose contributions reinterpret and accentuate selected areas along the path.

Once our architectural team has identified suitable public spaces, all local artists are invited to take part in the creation of an exhibition space, which develops along the path. These spaces are intended to be unobtrusive yet profound, and for the enjoyment of everybody as they go about their daily lives. The artists who agree to take part are free to present their own unique interpretation of the city, with work that lends itself to a pedestrian space; under the guidelines set out by the “Ufficio Tecnico Lavori Pubblici” and the “Sovrintendenza dei Beni Architettonici”. The art should be perceived as tailor-made for that specific space, enriching the path without ever encroaching upon it.


varietà2011 (12) copies

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