architectural project

"La città ideale probabilmente non esiste, ma se ci fosse, sarebbe quella che è in grado di dare la risposta giusta ai bisogni di ognuno dei suoi abitanti."

Italo Calvino

The architectural project is based on a combination of urban, social and technical research, used to identify and resolve problems common to all cities, namely those which relate to accessibility, safety and the quality of life.

Technical experts and research volunteers take part in a thorough physical inspection of both the sidewalk and spaces, collecting data which is then used to draw up a list of critical issues. The implementation of such a specialised and targeted project, ensures that all necessary work is done to resolve the problems. So as to achieve the most effective and technologically advanced solutions , we conduct a number of technical checks , which often involve the cooperation of people with disabilities. All testing is carried out in close collaboration with the local authorities and in full compliance with existing legislation.

When proposing measures to the Public Works office, we also take into account the origin of both the materials (street furniture, signage, decorations, etc.) and workforce used, always recommending those which can be found either within the community itself or the surrounding area.

The professionalism of social study, the urban analysis and detailed design, are essential and intrinsic elements of the work TGP This will enable the government and the community that was sympathetic intervention, to touch and see the realization of a path and affordable interventions and high quality guaranteed and certified to be able to advertise and become a valuable element for the city that adopts him.

TGP Designers:

Barbara d'Urso, Architect – Felice Pelle, Architect



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